Donald R. Gaffney

University of Cincinnati Doctoral Student in Marketing

Uncertainty, Inference, Knowledge and Culture

Professional Background



Donald Gaffney is a PhD candidate in Marketing at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business, Marketing) and his Master of Science in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. His research interests are in Information Processing and Inference (Consumer Behavior). His mentors include Frank R. Kardes and Robert S. Wyer


From Consumer Behavior to Introduction to Marketing, Donald has instructed or assisted in the educating of many courses. Donald favors teaching in a style that provides large amounts of individual and group engagement through projects, case work and real world simulations.


During Donald's time at the University of Cincinnati he has worked within the Marketing departments of KiwiLive, Idealine and Luxottica. With a focus in non-profits and startups Donald has consulted for AACSRE, Hope For Kabingo, and more. 

Research Background



Although Donald appreciates Science as a whole (an avid reader of Science and Nature) Donald researches consumer psychology. Specifically, he is interested in the role knowledge plays in consumer behavior. Much of his research investigates the role of epistemic uncertainty, omission neglect and distrust mindsets. This area of research has granted him the opportunity to work with Robert S. Wyer Jr. and Frank R. Kardes.

Programs of Research

Donald has many research projects in all different stages of the publication process. His research has been presented at the association of consumer research, the Midwest psychological association and most recently at TEDxUCincinnati. Donald's dissertation is on the role of insufficient knowledge or information in consumer decision making and judgments..

Personal Background



Donald "Ryan" spends most of his free time seeking new thrills and adventures. Specifically, Donald likes to snowboard, skydive, and partake in Shotokan Karate. Donald has snowboarded in many of the top destinations for snowboarders looking for a challenge including the Swiss Alps, French Alps, Breckenridge and more. Donald has been practicing the art of Karate for over 10 years and is a three time national champion in Kumite (sparring) and has earned many more second and third place medals for Kata (form).

Loyalties (sports)

Being from Oakland, California, Donald is an avid Raider (NFL), Athletics (MLB) and Warriors (NBA) fan. Spending much of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio, Donald has learned to love (and hate) the local teams as well. 

Other Interests 

One of Donald's major interests is his love to travel (and learn) abroad. Donald has attended classes in many foreign lands such as China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shenzhen) the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and has traveled independently to visit the Stockholm Concert Hall (where the Nobel Prize is awarded) and to Switzerland (to visit CERN).

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