Donald R. Gaffney

University of Cincinnati Doctoral Student in Marketing

Uncertainty, Inference, Knowledge and Culture



Kardes, Frank R., Steven S. Posavac, and Donald R. Gaffney (Forthcoming). Omission Neglect and Judgment and Inference Based on Limited Evidence. In L. R. Kahle, T. M. Lowrey & J. Huber (Eds.), Handbook of Consumer Psychology. Routledge.


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[Invited] Gaffney, Donald R., “Uncertainty within Self: The Impact of Subjective Uncertainty in Marketing” University of Cincinnati Bicentennial Community Day (2019).


Gaffney, Donald R., Ruomeng Wu, and Frank R. Kardes. "As Good as New: Cross-Cultural Differences in Losing Face and Preference of New versus Used Products" CLIK Conference (2019).

Gaffney, Donald R., Robert S. Wyer Jr., and Frank R. Kardes. "It's Not You, it's Me" Three Minute Thesis Competition: Graduate Student Exposition (2019). (Click to view)


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